What is Art Bonus

In Italy there is a new favorable tax regime for those who support culture with charitable donations. It's called Art bonus, and it is a tax credit equal to 65 % of charitable contributions that individuals or companies make in favor of public cultural heritage.

The Art bonus is revolutionary for our country, which has a unique cultural heritage.

Now every citizen can contribute to protecting Italy’s cultural heritage, and passing it on to the next generations with this simple gesture.

With a donation, you can receive not only a tax advantage but also the pride in taking care of the Italian cultural heritage.

The tax credit Art bonus is granted to individuals, to non-profit organizations and businesses for charitable contributions destined to the following:

- maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural works (eg. monuments, historic buildings, works of art);

- support of public cultural institutions (eg. museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks), opera/symphonic foundations and traditional theater and other entertainment organizations as required by the law;

- realisation, restoration and upgrading of facilities of public institutions dedicated to performances.

Art Bonus