"Placuit Ostiam petere, amoenissimam civitatem...

Decidemmo di recarci ad Ostia, piacevolissima città..."

Marco Minucio Felice, Octavius, 3.

Free Sundays at the Museum. The Ministry of Culture’s event returns every first Sunday of the month


Every first Sunday of the month free entrance for Archaeological area of Ostia antica, Imperial harbours of Claudius and Trajan, Museum of Roman ships, Necropolis of Portus, Julius II Castle.



New opening hours for the Castle of Julius II and new ticketing for Park sites


As of 26 October 2022, the opening hours and methods of the Castle of Julius II in Ostia Antica will change, and new ticketing will come into force for all the Park's Places of Culture: new ticket offices at the Castle, Porto and the Museum of the Ships in Fiumicino, and a new ticket vending machine at the Necropolis of Isola Sacra


New educational panels of Archeological area of Ostia antica


Online the new educational panels to discover Ostia antica and its monumental sites and buildings


European Heritage Label


The European Commission awarded the European Heritage Label to Archaeological Area of Ostia antica.